Asymmetrical breasts

When there is a difference in volume and or shape between the two breasts, it is called breast asymmetry. Breast asymmetry can be more or less important. When breast asymmetry is important, it can cause significant discomfort that is amplified during pregnancy or weight gain. An important breast asymmetry can cause an important embarrassment on the clothing level, on the cleavage level, and especially on the psychological level.

How to correct breast asymmetry?

Depending on the shape and volume of your breasts and your expectations, we recommend 2 surgical techniques to correct breast asymmetry: the placement of prostheses or breast reduction.

Breasts with a low volume compared to the morphology

When breast asymmetry is accompanied by hypotrophy (underdeveloped breasts), the placement of breast implants of different sizes can be performed to give harmony and symmetry to the breast.

Breasts with a large volume compared to the morphology

When the asymmetry of the breasts is accompanied by hypertrophy (breasts with a large volume compared to the morphology), a breast reduction procedure is performed to adjust the volume of the breasts and thus obtain a symmetrical and nicely shaped breast.
Umbilical or invaginated nipples
Tuberous breasts, breast surgery

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