Breast augmentation


What is mastopexy ?

As women grow older, their breasts lose firmness and elasticity. Changes in weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding often accentuate the changes in your breasts. To reverse these changes, you may consider mastopexy or breast lift surgery. This procedure is performed by…

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Aesthetic breast surgery

A woman’s breasts are an essential part of her femininity. Beautifully shaped, harmonious breasts give every woman a sense of well-being. In this perspective, cosmetic surgery in general and breast surgery in particular are available to all women who wish…

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Prostheses or breast implants

Breast augmentation surgery by placing breast implants consists of restoring volume to breasts that are considered too small or underdeveloped. The lack of breast volume can exist from puberty or appear later in life after a pregnancy with breastfeeding or…

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