Prostheses or breast implants

Published on : 09 December 20213 min reading time
Breast augmentation surgery by placing breast implants consists of restoring volume to breasts that are considered too small or underdeveloped. The lack of breast volume can exist from puberty or appear later in life after a pregnancy with breastfeeding or after a significant weight loss.

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed to correct asymmetrical breasts.

For breast augmentation, breast implants remain the only solution to correct a defect in breast volume. Indeed, breasts do not contain any muscle tissue, which is why physical exercises and sports creams have no effect on the volume and the shape of the breasts.

Choice of breast prosthesis

During the first consultation, the patient expresses the shape and volume of the breast she wants. The surgeon listens to the patient. However, the choice of the breast prosthesis must be made in harmony with the rest of the figure.

In terms of breast augmentation, there are several types of implants:

  • Round breast implants: these implants fill the upper part of the breast.
  • Anatomical or pear-shaped breast implants: these breast implants allow for a very natural breast shape.

During a consultation before the breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon will discuss the implantation of the prostheses (in front of or behind the muscle). He will also discuss the location of the incisions for the placement of the breast implants.

Where to place the implant?

Depending on the size of the pre-existing breast gland and the thickness of the skin, the surgeon will place the breast implants either in front of the muscle or behind the muscle.

The retro-muscular or retropectoral position means that the breast implant will be placed behind the muscle. This location is suitable for slim patients with a small pre-existing mammary gland. The retroglandular or pre-pectoral position means that the breast prosthesis will be placed in front of the muscle. This location is suitable for patients with an already developed bust.

How to place the implant?

Each surgeon adapts his or her own technique for breast augmentation surgery by placing breast implants (breast prostheses). The goal is to obtain the best results for the patient. The location of the incision will be decided with the patient during the pre-operative consultation. The insertion of the implants can be done either in the pigmented area of the areola (areolar route), or in the fold under the breast (sub mammary route), or in the hollow of the armpit (axillary route).

After the procedure

The results of a breast augmentation procedure with breast implants can be appreciated immediately as long as the volume is visible. However, the final result can be appreciated from the third month, the time needed for the breast implants to soften.

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