Aesthetic breast surgery

A woman's breasts are an essential part of her femininity. Beautifully shaped, harmonious breasts give every woman a sense of well-being. In this perspective, cosmetic surgery in general and breast surgery in particular are available to all women who wish to find or rediscover breasts that are in keeping with their image and femininity. Breast surgery consists of reshaping the breasts in order to give each woman breasts that correspond to her aspirations of femininity.

Shape and volume of the breasts

From adolescence to menopause and beyond, women experience many hormonal fluctuations. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, weight loss, all of these upheavals have an impact on the shape of the breasts, on their volume.

What is the role of breast surgery?

Breast surgery corrects the lack of volume by placing breast implants. It relieves the woman who suffers in particular from the back by the existence of a strong breast: it is the intervention for a breast hypertrophy. It is also indicated for the correction of breast ptosis, i.e., the correction of sagging breasts, but also for the correction of invaginated nipples. In the context of reconstructive surgery, breast surgery is used to treat tuberous or asymmetrical breasts or for breast reconstruction following breast cancer. Let's not forget the male gender with the intervention of gynecomastia, a term used when we want to designate a benign enlargement of the breasts in men.
What is mastopexy ?
Prostheses or breast implants

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