Drooping" breasts or breast ptosis are a common phenomenon in many women. The drooping of the breasts is due to a sagging of the mammary gland. This sagging of the mammary gland will lead to a distension of the skin that envelops the breasts. The sagging of the breasts is therefore the consequence of elastic or morphological disorders of the skin. Indeed, the elasticity of the skin of the breasts is an important factor for the maintenance of the breast. These problems can appear after a significant weight loss or after one or more breastfeedings. The fall of the breasts can also be of genetic origin. This is the case when drooping breasts are the result of breast hypertrophy (large breast volume). The goal of breast surgery is to give or restore harmony to the breasts, a nice curve. Breast lift surgery distinguishes between breast ptosis with insufficient volume and breast ptosis resulting from excess breast volume.

Breast ptosis with insufficient breast volume

In the case of breast ptosis with insufficient breast volume (breast ptosis with breast atrophy), it is possible to use breast implants. Indeed, the correction of breast loss can be accompanied by the placement of breast implants to restore volume to a chest that has been "stripped" in its upper part. The breast implants are chosen with the surgeon during the first consultation, for the volume and shape of the breast implants.

Breast ptosis with moderate breast volume

When breast ptosis is moderate, the placement of breast implants is sufficient to restore volume to the breasts by adding volume to the upper part of the chest. Thus, the placement of breast implants is sufficient in itself to correct sagging breasts.

Breast ptosis more or less important

On the other hand, when breast ptosis is more or less important, the placement of breast implants is not enough to reshape the chest. In fact, breast implants alone cannot correct sagging breasts and excess skin. In this case, the placement of breast implants will be associated with a breast lift. In fact, breast plastic surgery allows the skin envelope to be adapted and the areola to be raised or repositioned. The correction of breast ptosis can also consist of removing the excess skin and repositioning the areola plate without the installation of breast implants. This is known as a breast lift or breast plastic surgery to correct ptosis.

Breast ptosis with a large breast volume

Finally, when breast ptosis is the result of breast hypertrophy (large volume of the breast), the principle of the procedure is the same as for breast reduction surgery.

The breast lift procedure and scars

The breast lift procedure includes different surgical procedures depending on the extent of the breast loss. These different breast reshaping procedures involve different scars:
  • When breast ptosis is moderate, the placement of breast implants may be sufficient to lift the breast. The location of the scar will be decided with you during the first consultation.
  • When the fall of the breasts is more or less important and when the breast volume is insufficient, the breast lift can consist in placing breast implants while readjusting the skin envelope. In this case, it is necessary to remove the excess skin in order to lift the breasts. It is, in fact, important to reduce the rolling of the breast (drooping breast effect). The scar will be vertical or inverted "T".

After the operation

The results can be appreciated from the day after the breast lift procedure. Indeed, the breast regains its natural and harmonious shape. However, the final results can be judged from the first year, which is the time necessary for perfect healing. The breast lift or the correction of sagging breasts is a beneficial procedure for all women suffering from discomfort due to unsightly breasts or at least felt as such.

Coverage by Social Security and mutual insurance companies

The correction of tuberous breasts is covered by Social Security and the extra fees may be covered by mutual insurance companies, depending on the contract.