Tuberous breasts, breast surgery

The breast is a strong symbol of femininity. This is why an abnormality in the breasts is often a major handicap for a woman, especially when she is a teenager. The breast deformity that is the most difficult for women to accept is tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts are a malformation of the breast which, in their most severe form, take on a tubular appearance. The diagnosis of tuberous breasts is usually made during adolescence. Tuberous breasts are distinguished from normal breasts by their cylindrical shape and often insufficient volume. Tuberous breasts can also be distinguished by their often very enlarged aeromandibular plate, by a reduced and asymmetrical mammary base. All of these characteristics specific to tuberous breasts contribute to giving the breast a particularly unattractive appearance.

Tuberous breasts: several stages of evolution

Tuberous breasts are an abnormality that results in a tubular appearance of one or both breasts. Tuberous breasts are classified according to their stage of development:
  • Grade I tuberous breasts: this is the most common form. In this case, only the lower-internal segment of the breast is missing. This results in an areola that looks down and in.
  • Grade II tuberous breasts: in this case, the entire lower half of the breast is absent and the areola looks completely downwards.
  • Grade III tuberous breasts: in this case, the base of the breast is completely narrowed and the breast takes the shape of a tube.
The intervention of correction of tuberous breasts bring a considerable benefit to women. This benefit is all the greater since it is usually performed on young women who have grown up with this rather difficult breast deformity.

The intervention of correction of tuberous breasts

Interventions by plastic surgeon Philippe Letertre, Mozart Clinic in Nice Depending on the grade, the surgeon uses many techniques. This operation for the correction of breast malformation can combine the fitting of breast prostheses, breast plastic surgery, nipple reduction...

Coverage by Social Security and mutual insurance companies

The correction of tuberous breasts is covered by the Social Security and the extra fees may be covered by the mutual insurance companies, depending on the contracts.
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